• About. The name “McCullough” is a Celtic name that may have derived from the Scottish name McCulloch but were interpreted from a local Ulster context. However, it is possible that the McCullough name has multiple orgins, some of which may have derived independently. It is often said that the Irish spelling “McCullough” derives from the […]

  • Who Were the Ulster Scots?

  • Ireland and the beginnings of Scotland

    Enjoy a thought provoking lecture from Professor Dauvit Broun, presented by Trinity College, Dublin.

  • Imagining Ulster (BBC Documentary)

  • The Hound of Ulster: Cu-Uladh

    If the name McCullough derives from “mac cu Uladh,” meaning “son of the dog of Ulster,” then it prompts the question: “Who was Cu-Uldadh?” We have suggested the origin of this name may ultimately stem from Cú Chulainn of Irish mythology. But who else used this name historically? The latter name appears to have been […]

  • The Blood of Cu Chulainn? Are McCulloughs named for the Legendary Hound of Ulster?

    It is commonly said that the name McCullough, like McNally, derive from the name “mac cu Uladh” or “mac con Uladh” (son of the dog of Ulster). So who was the “Hound of Ulster?” “Cú Chulainn was the great hero of the Ulster Cycle. Champion of the Irish kingdom of Ulster, he was the son […]

  • A Profile of Rev. John McCullough, Pioneer of San Antonio, Texas

    Rev. John McCullough was a Texas pioneer and first protestant minister in San Antonio. At that time, starting a church in Texas was considered “foreign missions.” Read more.

  • Surnames from Mac Con Ulaidh

    It is commonly accepted that the name McCullough derives from the Gaelic mac con Ulaidh, meaning “son of the hound of Ulster.” The name Mac Con Ulaidh was in use by 1532. According to the Annals of Loch Ce Seamus Mac Con Uladh or MacCullagh was killed at Dunbo (County Derry). The spelling “McCullough” is […]

  • Latest on the McCollough Project Y DNA Haplogroups

    Visit our sister site at clanmcculloch.org for some musings on the McCollough Project Y DNA haplogroups and what it may mean for the various lines of McCulloughs.