The McCollough Project – Y DNA Results from Family Tree DNA

If you are truly interested in learning whether you relate genetically to the McCullochs of Galloway, the best resource available is a Y DNA test from Family Tree DNA. This Y chromosome test is for males only and tracks the paternal line. Once you take the Y DNA test you can join the McCollough Project on Family Tree DNA at no additional cost. You can learn about the project here.

An autosomal DNA test like the ones offered by or 23andMe can provide an estimate (or intrpretation) about a person’s ethnicity and may provide DNA matches from recent relatives. However, a Y DNA test offers a deep look into the paternal line, potentially going well-beyond modern history back to ancient origins.

McCullough Family Genealogy Pages

or generations, McCullochs, McCulloughs, McCullohs, and other kindreds have met annually for family reunions to preserve oral traditions and foster family bonds. Here are just a few of those families. Other family pages will be added as they are discovered or submitted. Inclusion here does not indicate DNA matches, shared family lineages, or even that members of these families identify with Clan McCulloch. However, we link to these sites to be a hub for any McCull’ searching for their family members and history.

History of the McCullough Sept

Descendants of Thomas McCullough of Purdysburn

McCulloughs of York, Pennsylvania

McCullough Family of Inniskeel Parish

Descendants of Isaac McCullough

History of the McCullough Family by Simeon McCullough

The McCullough family in Strathmere

Descendants of Hugh McCullough

Descendants of Archibald McCullough

Descendants of John McCullough of New Bedford MA

Genealogy of the McCullough Family and Other Sketches

Maxwell History and Genealogy, Including the Allied Families (Including McCulloughs)

Pioneer Souls – The History of the McCullough Septs

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